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Qingdao Yusen Precision Industry Co., Ltd

Set stamping, welding, mold manufacturing in one of the modern enterprises



One stop professional service of Johnson Precision Industryprofessional service

Cooperative partner

Excellent design teamProvide design service for customers

The company team consists of 14 people: CAE analysis 2 people, senior mold engineer 6 people, mold engineer 2 people, mold assistant 4 people, can provide customers with high life quality mold design and production services

Johnson provides customers with more perfect process solutions, as well as one-stop service of mold design and manufacturing, so that customers can save time, effort and worry

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Reliable qualityStrict quality control

Have a number of stamping equipment, machining equipment, robot welding equipment to ensure the quality of processing parts

Imported precision testing instruments, rigorous production process, provide technical advice and technical exchange

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Efficient processing serviceJust in time production, sensitive manufacturing and lean production

4-7 working days rapid proofing, customized processing according to customer requirements

Mature production management system, can quickly coordinate resources, refuse production delay

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About Us

Established in 2011, Qingdao Johnson has 110 employees. With a registered capital of 10 million yuan, it is located at Jiefang Third Road, Longquan automobile industry new town, Jimo District, Qingdao. Existing stamping, welding production line, machining production line, mold factory. The company is committed to producing stamping and welding products of low, medium and high strength steel, such as automobile side wall, chassis small and medium parts, etc. Qingdao Johnson is a modern production enterprise integrating stamping, welding and mold manufacturing. Have product technology research and development team, with mold, tooling, fixture and other products of three-dimensional solid design ability and product forming analysis ability.

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