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The development of sheet metal processing industry will implement the concept of energy conservation

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Sheet metal processing production process refers to the whole process of making products from raw materials (or semi-finished products). In terms of machine production, it includes transportation and storage of raw materials, preparation for production, manufacture of blank, processing and heat treatment of parts, assembly and debugging of products, painting and packaging, etc. The content of production process is very extensive. Modern enterprises use the principles and methods of system engineering to organize production and guide production, and regard the production process as a production system with input and output. Can make the management of the enterprise scientific, make the enterprise more resilient and competitive power.


Sheet metal processing manufacturers in the sheet metal processing production process, directly change the shape, size and performance of raw materials (or blank), so that it becomes the finished product process, known as the process. It is an essential part of the production process. Such as blank casting, forging and welding; Heat treatment that changes the properties of materials; Mechanical processing of parts, etc., belong to the process. The technological process is composed of one or several sequential operations. The thickness of the metal that must be cut from the blank in order to produce a qualified part is called the machining allowance.

Processing allowance can be divided into process allowance and total allowance. The layer of metal thickness that needs to be removed in a process is called the processing allowance for that process. The total allowance to be removed from the blank to the finished product, called the total allowance, is equal to the sum of the allowance of each process on the corresponding surface. The purpose of leaving the processing allowance on the workpiece is to remove the processing error and surface defects left by the last process, such as the cold and hard layer on the surface of the casting, the pores, the sand layer, the oxide skin on the surface of the forging, the decarburization layer, the surface crack, the internal stress layer and the surface roughness after cutting. Thus, the precision and surface roughness of precision sheet metal parts can be improved.

In recent years, the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta region, sheet metal processing factory in the production of accumulated all kinds of advanced manufacturing technology and process equipment, basically have mold development, design and processing capacity, stamping processing production specialization, relatively high degree of automation, large scale of production, the products of high precision, more humanized management, more systematic.

In the future, the development of sheet metal processing industry will implement the design and production concept of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and material saving, and develop to the direction of precision, high efficiency, specialization, scale and internationalization. Chinese enterprises have a long way to go and will transform from six aspects in the future. First, adopt advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, establish and improve the quality assurance system, improve the precision, specialization, automation, information manufacturing level, to meet the needs of mass and flexible production; Second, improve the production, marketing and management level of enterprises, reduce management costs, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

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