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What are the precautions for sheet metal processing?

Time:2021-4-29 13:50:47   Views:

Sheet metal processing industry has a lot of work requires for operation, contain the contents of this work is more, for instance contains the blanking bending molding process and material, in the process of operating personnel must pay attention to during the process of parameter are accurate, whether to meet the standard requirements and application method, the processing quality of workplace for materials also gave attaches great importance to, Therefore, in the process of this processing operation, we should also pay attention to the use of technical skills and knowledge, so as to meet the needs of the industry development.

Sheet metal processing factory talk about on the materials for sheet metal processing, should pay attention to try to reduce energy consumption, while for an operation task, reduce material inputs for cost recovery is not too big effect, so for a large number of processing capacity for a long time, if can shorten the investment and consumption as the main purpose, can for the manufacturer to reduce more spending, Bring more economic benefits for manufacturers.

(1) The thickness and quality of the metal sheet shall meet the national standards, and the materials used shall have a clear performance test report and manufacturer's certificate. Material appearance should be flat without rust, cracking and deformation. Execute according to drawings or technical requirements. If there is no fixed standard, execute according to national standard.

(2) the whole batch of plastic powder to have good consistency, need to show a clear factory certificate and inspection report, as well as the powder number, color number and various inspection parameters. Through trial to determine whether the plastic powder meets the color, luster, leveling, adhesion and other performance requirements.

(3) The general hardware and fasteners have no rust or burr appearance, and the whole batch has good consistency in appearance. Dimensions shall be executed according to machining drawings or national standards. The trial assembly and performance meet the product requirements.

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