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What is the future trend of the hardware mold industry?

Time:2021-4-29 14:06:52   Views:

Mold industry, our country gradually become the world's superpower metal processing and export power, and has become one of the world's hardware producing countries, has a broad market and consumption potential, mold hardware is also an important part of the hardware profession in our country, the "twelfth five-year" period is our country cope at home and abroad to carry out the environmental major change, speed up the key period of implement policies to build a well-off society in an all-round way, It is also a critical period for the healthy development of China's mold manufacturing occupation. Although there are many environmental uncertainties at home and abroad, China's economic development is still in the period of high-speed growth. The comparative advantage of China's mold in the world mold market still exists.


The precision of the mould will be higher and higher. Ten years ago, the precision of precision die was 5 microns, now it has reached 2 to 3 microns, soon 1 micron precision die will be on the market. This requires super finishing. Mold industry will become increasingly large. This is because the parts of the mold forming increasingly large and higher production efficiency requirements and to carry out the formation of "a multi-cavity mold". Mold profession multi-function composite die will be further developed. New multi-function composite die in addition to stamping parts, but also responsible for overlay, tapping, riveting and locking and other assembly missions, the steel performance requirements are increasingly high.

Hardware mold

With the continuous development of economy, people's living standards continue to improve, and the spiritual and material cultural requirements are getting higher and higher. This demand also drives the continuous development and innovation of home furnishing profession. The demand for home furnishing hardware profession is getting bigger and bigger, and there are different changes in home furnishing hardware profession.

Blend of appearance and function: furniture hardware is divided into decoration hardware and functional hardware two categories. Many furniture hardware manufacturers invisibly separate the two, decoration hardware does not pay attention to the development of function, functional hardware on its decoration development research is insufficient, the attack of disconnect between the two. Take the door accessories as an example, over the years, the function and structure are improving continuously, but do not pay attention to the unity of its decoration. Although many products are very easy to use, they always look not pleasing to the eye. In recent years, with the progress of innovative planning level, many planners are paying attention to furniture hardware, examining furniture hardware with the concept of industrial planning, so that the appearance and function of furniture hardware are better integrated is the trend of furniture hardware development.

Humanized planning: the progress of the quality of the day, the quality of every detail in the day will also attract attention. Furniture hardware can best reflect the quality of the details of the day. Cabinet doors open and close, drawers open and close... . Excellent furniture hardware, can reflect on these daily movements with people-oriented human nature principle. Safe, labor-saving, silent, comfortable human nature concept will be handed in further in the development program that blues in furniture hardware. This is also the inevitable requirement of social development.

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