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On the repair of metal stamping die casting defects

Time:2021-4-29 14:00:16   Views:

Based on the principle of instantaneous high-frequency discharge of spark, the nickel-based welding material or special welding material is applied to the workpiece surface immediately after the ion state, so that the welding material and the workpiece can be fused together in a metallurgical way. During the whole welding process, the heat generated on the workpiece surface of the metal stamping die is very small.


The welding torch adopts rotating electrode and the diameter of the welding wire is 1.6mm ~ 3.0mm. It is suitable for repairing casting defects. In addition, the setting of power and discharge frequency can be used to strengthen and repair the surface coatings of steel, copper, aluminum and other metals.

1. Advantages: easy to install and operate. It only takes a little training for ordinary people to operate. High welding repair strength, welding area without annealing, crack, deformation and internal stress, welding joint without machining hard points. The repair speed is faster than the patch machine, the repair accuracy is higher, can pass X ray flaw detection, penetration, tensile test and other tests.

Has been a number of precision hardware mold manufacturers accepted and used. In addition, it has a certain use value in mold repair.

2 and disadvantages

Slow, 2mm cast iron takes about 3 minutes. Less welding materials, cast iron can only use nickel based welding materials (about 300 yuan kg), welding repair cost is high, the utilization rate of welding materials can only reach 80%.

The color difference is large and the degree of binding is low. Because its principle is high frequency discharge, that is, particle surfacing welding, compared with argon arc welding, its binding force is relatively low, the density of ferrous pig iron is poor.

If the finish is not high, the requirements for high finish castings cannot be met. In addition, due to the design principle of the traditional cold welding machine, the power is generally about 2000W, and the external electronic components are exposed. In the casting environment, the machine often breaks down, especially the electrode gun (easily damaged by gas and electricity separation), which wastes energy and is not suitable for large-scale maintenance requirements of continuous casting manufacturers.

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