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Is there any possibility of deformation in sheet metal processing?

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Sheet metal processing in the size of the process will appear some problems, the deformation of sheet metal parts is one of them, sheet metal processing manufacturers how to solve the problem of sheet metal processing deformation? The following sheet metal processing factory will provide you with the solution.

Generally speaking, the deformation of sheet metal processing manufacturers in the cooling process is related to the type of quenching medium, cooling performance, hardening and other factors, so it is necessary to change the viscosity of the medium, temperature, liquid level pressure, the use of additives, stirring and other adjustments. The higher the viscosity of quenching oil, the higher the temperature, the smaller the elliptical deformation. At rest, the deformation is very small.


The deformation of forged metal plates during heat treatment is related to the way in which they are placed, namely, to a hanging position as vertical as possible, two vertical to the bottom of the furnace, three to two horizontal supports, the fulcrum position being between one third and one quarter of the length, and four flat on the heat resistant steel mold.

Sheet metal processing is the key technology that the technical personnel of sheet metal processing factory need to master, and it is also an important process of sheet metal product forming. Sheet metal processing includes traditional cutting and blanking, blanking processing, bending molding and other methods and process parameters, including the structure and process parameters of various cold stamping dies, the working principle and control methods of various equipment, but also includes new stamping technology and new processes. Parts of the metal plate processing known as sheet metal processing.

Sheet metal processing is called sheet metal processing. Specific like making chimney with steel plate, iron bucket, oil tank, ventilated pipe, elbow size head, circle and place, funnel, main process is cutting, bend buckle edge, bend forming, welding, riveting, etc., need certain geometric knowledge. Sheet metal parts can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other ways of sheet metal parts, generally defined as the same thickness in the process of processing parts. Corresponding to castings, forgings, machined parts, etc.

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