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Do you know the characteristics of sheet metal processing?

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What are the advantages of sheet metal processing? Let the sheet metal processing factory tell you. Whether the process selection is correct or not will directly affect the production cost of parts, such as proofing parts are usually small batches, there is no specific number of subsequent processing, generally choose sheet metal processing to complete, so that the price will be higher and reasonable; If there is a group of sheet metal parts processing, the sheet metal processing is called stamping processing. It seems that sheet metal processing more practical in order to understand the advantages of sheet metal processing, it is necessary to understand the sheet metal processing process. There are open material, deburr, bending, secondary processing, spraying and other processing technology. With the exception of burrs, these processes are all done by hand and the rest by machine. These processes can be mechanized and automated by positioning, thus greatly improving the efficiency and quality of parts. An obvious example is open material equipment, where CNC presses, laser machines, and shears are all automated using positioning jigs, which were set before the factory set the origin and X and Y coordinates. CNC punch to solve the sheet metal processing has what advantages.


First of all, the number of punching operation is simple and convenient, for the shape of a slightly more complex workpiece has more advantages, but the thickness should be within the processing range, after a good program to automatically complete the processing of the board. In addition to the initial need to invest a certain amount of cost, the late investment cost is very low, can help enterprises to improve economic benefits. The second is the quality of the finished product. The quality of the parts is very good, not only the precision and good flatness of the parts, but also the consistency of the products. The production efficiency of CNC punch press is high. Digital punch can realize the mass production of parts, production speed is fast. CNC sheet metal processing is not only fast and good quality, processing methods are diverse, there are single punch, continuous punch, array punch.

To sum up, the processing advantages of CNC punch is very suitable for the development of future production technology needs, not only for the production efficiency and quality of enterprises, but also the requirements of manual skills are declining, that is, to improve the quality of production, reduce production costs. Production cost is the future direction of science and technology.

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