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What are the maintenance tips of stamping dies?

Time:2021-4-29 14:03:21   Views:

Stamping die in the process of operation, it is very necessary to do a good job of protection work, must be serious and patient maintenance work, so as to good guarantee the safety and usability of stamping connection die.

1. Maintenance of convex and concave die

When the convex and concave die is disassembled, attention should be paid to the original condition of the die so as to facilitate recovery when the die is installed later. For cushion displacement, the thickness of the gasket should be engraved on the parts and recorded.

Change the punch, to try to insert the stripper block, die is smooth, and try to insert and die clearance is uniform; Replace the die, but also try to insert and punch clearance is uniform.

In view of the shorter punch after repairing and grinding the punch, it is necessary to add gaskets to reach the required length. Check whether the punch length is sufficient; Replace the broken punch to identify the factors, at the same time, to check the corresponding die whether there is a collapse edge, whether to grind the edge.

After the punch, mold and die core are assembled, check whether the nursing belt is installed wrong or reverse, whether the mold and mold pad are installed reverse, whether the blanking hole is blocked, whether the new parts need to steal material, whether the stolen material is enough, whether the locking part of the mold is locked.

Make sure the trip screw is locked. When locking, cross locking should be balanced from inside to outside. It is not allowed to lock one screw before another to avoid tilt of stripper plate and rupture of punch, reducing mold accuracy.

2. Maintenance of unloader

To remove the release, pry it up with two pulleys and remove the release with both hands in a balanced way. When it is difficult to remove the mold, it should be checked whether the mold is cleaned, whether the locking screw is completely removed, whether the mold is damaged due to adhesive material, find out the reason, and then carry out the corresponding treatment. It can't be handled blindly.

When assembling the tripper, the punch and the stripper should be cleaned first, the guide post and the guide punch should be lubricated, smoothly placed, the hands pressed in place, repeated several times. If it is too tight, it should find out the reason (whether the guide post and guide sleeve are normal, whether each part is damaged, whether the new punch can pass smoothly, whether the release position is correct), and then handle accordingly.

If there is a weight on the retaining plate, check that the yield position above the peeling back plate is adequate. After a long period of stamping, indentation may occur on the material contact surface between the stripper and the die. When the indentation is serious, it will affect the stamping precision of the material and cause the abnormal instability of the product size. Therefore, it is necessary to repair or regrind the stripper inserts and strippers. The accuracy of the contour sleeve should be checked. When the height of the stripper is not equal, it will tilt the stripper and destroy its accurate guidance and stable elastic compression function, so it must be maintained.


3. Check guide

Guide post and guide sleeve with clearance, whether there is burning damage, wear marks, mold oil conduction state is normal, should be checked. Because of the wear of the guide parts and the damage of the precision, the precision of the mold will be reduced, and all parts of the mold will have problems. It must be properly maintained and replaced periodically.

Check the accuracy of the guide rail. If the guide pin wears out and loses its proper guiding accuracy and function, it must be replaced. Check the condition of the trip spring and ejector spring to see if they are broken or if they have been used for a long time but have lost their original strength due to fatigue. Therefore, maintenance and replacement must be carried out regularly, otherwise the mold will be damaged or the production is not smooth.

4. Adjustment of mold clearance

Due to the frequent combination of the die core, resulting in wear of the positioning hole of the die core, resulting in too large clearance after assembly (loosening after assembly) or uneven clearance (positioning deviation), punching and cutting will form a cross-section shape, punch is easy to break and produce burr. Therefore, after feeding, the appropriate gap adjustment can be made by checking the condition of the cross section. The smaller the clearance is, the smaller the section is. The larger the clearance is, the larger the section is and the larger the burr is. The reasonable clearance can be obtained through displacement. Records should be made after adjustment, and the tail of the mother mold can also be marked for subsequent maintenance.

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