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What is the difference between stamping die and plastic die?

Time:2021-4-29 14:05:28   Views:

Metal stamping mould and plastic mould are widely used in industrial production. For the difference between them, many people will say that the metal stamping mould is made of hardware, and the plastic mould is made of plastic. So which industry are they mainly widely used in? What is the essential difference? The following Xiaobian for you to talk about:

1, metal stamping die is in the industrial production, with a variety of presses and special tools installed on the press machine, through the pressure to make the metal material into the required shape of parts or products, this special tool is collectively known as the metal stamping die, processed products.

2, plastic mold is a kind of combined plastic mold used for pressure molding, extrusion molding, injection, blow molding and low foaming. It mainly includes a die with a variable cavity composed of a die composite substrate, a die assembly and a die composite card plate, and a die with a variable core composed of a die composite substrate, a die assembly, a die composite card plate, a cavity cutting assembly and a side sectional composite plate. Die convex, concave die and auxiliary molding system coordination change. Can process different shapes, different sizes of the series of plastic parts.

3. The essential difference between them is that the hardware products in the metal stamping die, the plastic products in the plastic mold, and the structure of the mold is not the same. The plastic mold has a cooling system, while the hardware mold does not. The molding principle of the product is also different, plastic mold is cooled after injection molding, hardware mold is the standard thickness of steel plate cold backlog molding.

4. From the function of the mold, the hardware mold is a batch production tool for metal products. The materials it uses are generally iron or copper or aluminum.

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