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How to improve and ensure the quality of precision sheet metal processing?

Time:2021-4-29 13:57:37   Views:

Bending processing is widely used in sheet metal processing, is also common. Improving the bending precision of sheet metal products plays an important role in ensuring the quality of products. This paper discusses the factors affecting the bending precision, and puts forward the control technology measures for bending precision of bending parts.


How to control the bending accuracy of sheet metal within ±0.10mm? CNC bending machine affects the bending accuracy, the stop position of the slider affects the bending Angle, the position of the rear stopper affects the bending size, which requires a better CNC bending machine to solve the problem.

Operator's experience, technique affect the bending accuracy, workers push the material when the force is too large or too small, resulting in positioning gap or plate bending affect the bending dimensional accuracy; The bending speed of the workers is not synchronized with the machine speed, which will cause the bending Angle to be too large or too small. Solution: bending workers to be skilled, experienced, do not often change the operator.

The bending coefficient affects the accuracy of the bending size, and the bending size of the sheet metal is determined when the expansion is made. In the expansion diagram, the bending coefficient is the key factor to determine the bending size. The inaccuracy of expansion calculation directly affects the dimensional accuracy of sheet metal bending. Solution: sheet metal process personnel familiar with sheet metal development principle, according to theory and practice can accurately determine the accurate bending coefficient.

The quality of the material affects the bending accuracy, the thickness of the material directly affects the bending coefficient, and affects the bending accuracy. Solution: from the large steel mill purchase, strengthen the thickness of the size of the inspection. Different mechanical properties of materials can also affect the bending dimensional accuracy, such as steel plate or soft or hard, resulting in different tensile amount. Solution: try to use the same batch of steel plate to do a sheet metal product, the same batch of steel plate to check the bending coefficient.

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